My Best Hula Hoop Blog Post…and Worst Post Ever.

IMG_9957The Monarch Hoop Troop recently finished their yearly Fantasy of Lights performance. The half hour show precedes the parade through town at 7pm. As The Troop is rushing through the rain to the parade start, a Hoop Mom put her hand on my back and said ‘We have a sad hooper.’

Oh no!

12 Year old Emma was upset to tears with her ‘freestyle’ solo performance. She had no idea she had done something incredible, she had  made a choice to give something new and exciting a go. 

‘Emma you looked fabolous up there! What is bothering you?’

‘My freestyle performance was not good.’

‘I thought it was great and even if you didn’t think so, that is ok. This was your first performance ever, therefore, yes, it was your worst performance ever. It was also your best performance ever! You will continue to perform better and better shows. Everyone has had their first awkward freestyle performance, it is a necessary!’

The point is, welcome to my first awkward blog post. Technically the best blog I have ever written!

IMG_0052Emma noticeably  improved her skills and confidence by the end of the parade. She took risks in her freestyle performances which paid off in the way of hooping on her foot, for the first time, in the center of town.

Experience is the best of all teachers. Give it a go.



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