Hula Hoop Boot Camp Will Spin You Into Shape


“According to a study by the American College on Exercise (ACE), hula hooping can burn seven calories per minute, as many as a grueling boot camp class, and can raise the heart rate to about 84 percent of its max.” Jan 22, 2013

So here’s a little perspective on that:

15min x 7cal = 105 calories

30min x 7cal = 210 calories

60min x 7cal = 420 calories

The important word in that quote is ‘can,’ and more likely if you hoop like your at hula hoop boot camp! When your done, if you worked so hard you feel like you just completed boot camp, then you’re definitely movin’ and groovin’ that fat away.

Here are 5 ways to help you hoop harder and burn more calories!

  1. Make a pumped up playlist playlist.
  2. Set a timer and hoop the whole time.
  3. Make a list of tricks you want to work on. Look at this list when you can’t think of anything to do.
  4. Hoop with your heart and engage your whole body. Be aware from your fingers to your toes. Don’t be lazy.
  5. Prepare for hoop practice, wear ‘hoop clothes’ so you have zero physical restrictions, get your water, do your stretches before hand.

You can do it, push yourself and burn those calories! Mix this with a healthy smealthy diet and YES, you can lose weight hula hooping!

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