Can I take my hoop on a plane?

Yes- you can carry them on! I brought 5 hoops, on the plane, on my flight from Detroit to Myrtle Beach.  Two of them were L.e.d. Hoops. I packed the batteries in my checked bag, and brought two batteries on my carry-on.


There was absolutely no problems or questions. Excluding the common question ‘Are those hula hoops?’ Yes, I got that question a lot. I almost sold a hoop to the Security Check Guard! She was so interested and had no cares about the fact that we were holding up the line as I showed them to her without my shoes on. The folks in the line behind me may have been a little irritated but I love telling people about hula hoops!

Back to the point, this is how you get your hoops on a plane with absolutely no hassle.


Screenshot_2016-03-22-19-07-51_201603221943388131.Coil them down and attach them to your bag.

2.Make them easy to unattach and reattach your bag for security check.

  1. Place them in the overhead storage on the plane.



You can also check your coiled down hoops, which will fit in your checked luggage. The downside of this option is that you won’t have your hoops by your side to keep you entertained while you wait for your flight.



If your hoops do not coil down, you may bag them up and check them. You will have to pay a fee for sporting equipment.


Never leave your hoops at home for fear that the airlines will not let you board your plane with them. I researched this online before my flight and found no scenarios where hoops have been any complication at all.


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Happy hooping and safe travels to you all!


Vertical Foot-Pass Back-Roll Combo


This foot pass into a back roll is one of my favorite tricky tricks. You can do it too! As you may know, I love using my feet while hooping. This trick gets our whole body moving and stretching from head to toe. Not to overlook, it looks and feels awesome! Try this trick out and tag me in your IG video @MonarchHoopsAndDance I truly adore your #HoopSpam or perhaps #hooperBloopers 😉

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Hoop-Smile-Succeed . Give this awesome trick a try and incorporate your whole body into your hooping!!

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Yours Truly,

Tylor Klausing

What hooping workshops are coming to my area?


Check out



Have you ever wondered what hoop workshops were coming to your area, but had a hard time finding information on places, dates and times? Or seen your favorite hooper pals posting pics from events and wondering how you did not even know about it?? I am sure we have all been there! So we decided to do some searching and pull together a list of upcoming events for you to have an easy resource list for many upcoming fabulous hooping events this year!! Check out our list, follow the links, and get your hoop on!!


United States


Further Your Flow Workshop – November

Hooping With Chrisha!classes/cee5




Sacred Circularities – October


Katie Sunshine



Hoopurbia – March

Ignight Conference – June

Fire Drums – June

Hoopcamp Retreat – October


Disconnected Flow – April

The Spin Summit – April/May


Wildfire – May, August, October


Ascend Flow Arts – Multiple Events


Florida Flow Fest -October


Flame Festival – April


Initiate Retreat – January

In Depth Retreat – January

Awaken, mastery, Awaken, Manifestation, Movement, Magic – April


Dizzy Hoop Camp – September!__retreats


Chicago Hula Hoop Festival – September

Flow Down Fire Festival – October


Flow Motion Chiller – February

Katydity Hoops Workshop – March


Iowa Circus Academy Camp


Tricks of the Light – May


Flow Camp Festival

Play Think Fest – June


Brightly Wound, Southern Hills  Auqufest


Nikki Hunt – March


Hoop Love Hula Hoop Festival – October


Hoopla! – May



Spinsanity Flow Down – May 10-13

One of a Kind Hula Hooping Convention

Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat – August

World Hoop Day Michigan – October


Campfire – June

Romancing the Hoop – March


Earthtones Festival – September


Wanderlust 108 – May

HoopMo – May


Portal Music Festival


Omaha Solstice Reggae & World Music Festival


Further Future

New Hampshire

New England Flow Festival – August

New Jersey

Return to Roots Gathering – July

New Mexico

Beastly Bash – September

New York

Beginning Hula Hoop Workshop – Febuary

Kingston Hula Hoop Workshop – Febuary

North Carolina

Hoop Convergence

Mountain Flow Fest – June

5 Elements Yoga & Flow Arts Festival – August!hooping-and-flow-arts/zoom/cyjo/c13ox

North Dakota

Streets Alive – August


Kinetic Fire – May


Mystik Sanctuary – September


Pacific Fire Gathering – September



Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival – June

Rhode Island

Indoor Flow Jam – March

South Carolina

Irie Vibes Music Festival

South Dakota

Intro to Modern Hooping – March


GOGO Hoopdance – March


Hottie Hoop Camp – March

Texas Flow Fest – March

FlowStorm – April


The Essentials


Wanderlust Festival – June


HOOP dance DC


Conscious Culture Festival – June

West Virginia

Wanderlust Festival – June


Hula Hoop-a-thon


Hula Hoop with Dawn Webster


North America Tour TBA

Line & Circle

Hoop Path Retreat

Hoop Revolution

Rachael Lust Breaks Workshops

Rager Rabbit 2016

Miss Polly Hoops!classes/c1ea8




Edmonton Flow Fest – February

Spin Out Summer Camp – June

British Columbia

Madskillz – June

Romancing the Hoop, Victoria BC – April


Hula Hooping 101 – March!classes/c9ec

Spin All The Things – April

In Flow Festival – July/August



Summer Hooping Mexico – June



Hoop Dream Retreat – April

Croatian Hoop Convention

Austrian Hoop Convention

Heart and Hoop Dance Retreat – July


Do not forget to bookmark, share with your fellow hoopers, and follow this blog!! We will be continuing to update events as dates, and times become available!! Also as we find more events already not listed we will be adding them to the list! So this will be an ongoing resource for all hoopers!! Who would want to miss out on this resource?? Not me. Monarch Hoops and Dance will be attending some of these events and we hope to see you at some! Which events do you plan on attending? Comment and let us know!!


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Graceful Exits from Foot Hooping!

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By knowing these graceful exits, you CAN be awesome and put foot hooping in your performance! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! – and it is so easy.

This trick is the first gateway into learning many milestone circus tricks including the four hoop box. Give it a try! We can all be a Hoop Tree!

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Yours Truly,

Tylor Klausing


A Fantastic Way to Start Hooping.

How To Floor Kick-Up.

This has been one of my most valuable tricks. The first big show I did was a holiday parade. It was long, tiring, cold and the audience was very close and personal. I had been hooping for less than a year. You could hear the crowd talking, ‘oh thats cool,’ ‘look at the hoops!’ they would cheer for cool tricks and when I dropped my hoop, I could hear the crowd share in my disappointment. But luckily, I had this trick under my belt. When I caught up to my hoop, in my white penguin suit jacket and plaid pants, I would get my toe under the hoop. I put my arms in the air and loomed the crowd directly in the eyes to make sure I had their attention. I would nail this trick and the crowd would all clap and cheer louder than before!


If you know me, you know I love leg moves and tricks that incorporate the whole body. This awesome trick does both! And it is so easy! Give it a try!


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