A Fantastic Way to Start Hooping.

How To Floor Kick-Up.

This has been one of my most valuable tricks. The first big show I did was a holiday parade. It was long, tiring, cold and the audience was very close and personal. I had been hooping for less than a year. You could hear the crowd talking, ‘oh thats cool,’ ‘look at the hoops!’ they would cheer for cool tricks and when I dropped my hoop, I could hear the crowd share in my disappointment. But luckily, I had this trick under my belt. When I caught up to my hoop, in my white penguin suit jacket and plaid pants, I would get my toe under the hoop. I put my arms in the air and loomed the crowd directly in the eyes to make sure I had their attention. I would nail this trick and the crowd would all clap and cheer louder than before!


If you know me, you know I love leg moves and tricks that incorporate the whole body. This awesome trick does both! And it is so easy! Give it a try!


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