Can I take my hoop on a plane?

Yes- you can carry them on! I brought 5 hoops, on the plane, on my flight from Detroit to Myrtle Beach.  Two of them were L.e.d. Hoops. I packed the batteries in my checked bag, and brought two batteries on my carry-on.


There was absolutely no problems or questions. Excluding the common question ‘Are those hula hoops?’ Yes, I got that question a lot. I almost sold a hoop to the Security Check Guard! She was so interested and had no cares about the fact that we were holding up the line as I showed them to her without my shoes on. The folks in the line behind me may have been a little irritated but I love telling people about hula hoops!

Back to the point, this is how you get your hoops on a plane with absolutely no hassle.


Screenshot_2016-03-22-19-07-51_201603221943388131.Coil them down and attach them to your bag.

2.Make them easy to unattach and reattach your bag for security check.

  1. Place them in the overhead storage on the plane.



You can also check your coiled down hoops, which will fit in your checked luggage. The downside of this option is that you won’t have your hoops by your side to keep you entertained while you wait for your flight.



If your hoops do not coil down, you may bag them up and check them. You will have to pay a fee for sporting equipment.


Never leave your hoops at home for fear that the airlines will not let you board your plane with them. I researched this online before my flight and found no scenarios where hoops have been any complication at all.


All Poly-pro hoops from Monarch Hoops And Dance come with a easy to use push button so you can simply coil them down and take your beautiful hoops everywhere like I do! We are proud to use the best quality materials, like durable poly-carb connectors and rivets so your hoop will never break under stress. Infact, we are so sure about this that we guarantee every connector that leaves our shop. Find your hoop at and make the world your stage.


Happy hooping and safe travels to you all!


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