Hoop Teachers in Michigan, USA!

With the help of some friends I have compiled a list of hoop teachers in Michigan!


Teacher / Location

Tylor Klausing / Monarch Hoops & Dance (Brighton, Pinckney & Howell)

Deanna Bedoun / Movement United (Farmington Hills)


Missy Cooke / Lansing Hoops (Lansing)

Jennifer Mitchell Spiece / IMAJENationHoop Revival (Saranac)

Natali VanHaitsma / Alive (Charlotte)

Natasha Fissure & Allison Duford / Plymouth School Gym (Midland)


I hope you find an awesome hoop teacher nearby!

If not, don’t worry! Monarch Hoops and Dance has you covered with comprehensive tutorials and choreography videos so you can take a lesson wherever you are!

Tutorials by Tylor

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