Vertical Foot-Pass Back-Roll Combo


This foot pass into a back roll is one of my favorite tricky tricks. You can do it too! As you may know, I love using my feet while hooping. This trick gets our whole body moving and stretching from head to toe. Not to overlook, it looks and feels awesome! Try this trick out and tag me in your IG video @MonarchHoopsAndDance I truly adore your #HoopSpam or perhaps #hooperBloopers 😉

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Hoop-Smile-Succeed . Give this awesome trick a try and incorporate your whole body into your hooping!!

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Elbow Passes Online Hooping Lesson



Watch the entire lesson with slow motion!

Free the range of motion in your shoulders! This exercise relieves tension in your upper back muscles and that Feels Good, Aahhh. Anyone can learn this trick by finding the right timing with practice. A great transition move to add to your hoop routine.

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