What is the Hula Hoop I can Program photos into?

These first three hoops are LED hoops that I found that you can program your own images into!! They are super fun and have many options!!

Phoenix hoop @ spin-fx.com


The Phoenix Hoop is fully customizable, it comes programmed with over 200 patterns, and can hold thousands of patterns of your own creation!! It uses a USB interface to add new patterns, installs software updates, advanced hoop configuration, and for charging! It offers a Battery level indicator on the remote for convenience. Other features are Adjustables Brightness, a Scripting mode to time your patterns to your own music, and a Choreo mode allowing you to synchronize a pattern to multiple Phoenix Hoops!!


Hyperion hoop


The Hyperion LED smart hoop is constantly evolving, straight out of the box it comes with more than a thousand pre-loaded patterns!!! It is designed for customization and has room to add thousands of more patterns. It is easy to upgrade using the USB plug and has the ability to quickly install software updates. The Hyperion includes not only customizable patterns you can add, but you can also customize the remote control preset buttons, playlists, startup options and timing!! Further, any patterns designed for the SpinFX Phoenix Hoop will also work on the Hyperion Hoop!


Helix l.e.d. smart hoop


The Helix l.e.d. Smart hoop is a lightweight, insanely bright, and customizable LED hula hoop with millions of colors and hundreds of patterns. It comes with hundreds of patterns already programmed and new pattern pack are available to add for free! You can add software that allows you to customize and create your own patterns, and also a shuffle mode that creates endless new patterns while you hoop!! You have an option for “ultimate shuffle” which will shuffle random patterns but never show the same pattern twice!!! The Helix has a long battery life and also allows you to adjust brightness!



Here are some more completely awesome LED Hoops to check out!!

Emergence Hoop: http://www.monarchhoopsanddance.com/Emergence-p/hoop_emergence.htm

Atomic evoke:http://www.astralhoops.com/atomic4

Future hoop:http://moodhoops.com/shop/future-hoop/

Kinetic hoop:http://www.electriclifestylz.com/wp/kinetic-hoop/

Mandala by zen hoop:https://www.zenhoop.com/mandala-led-hula-hoop


Plasma hoop by hybrid hoops:http://www.hybridhoops.com/

Mobius illumi-nation:http://illuminationhoops.com/products/mobius

Rainbows smart l.e.d.:http://www.rainbow-hoops.com/shop/4572585755/rainbow’s-smart-led-hula-hoop/10301287


Colorado hoops smart hoop:http://coloradohulahoops.com/smart-led-hula-hoops


Which LED Hoop which you choose?? Which is your favorite? I want to know!!


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It’s time to #HooperBlooper & Chill!!!

It’s time to #HooperBlooper & Chill!!!

The best of recent hooper bloopers without the not so funny ‘oops I dropped my hoop again hehe.’ Sometimes hooping hurts but, in this case, it still makes us smile. So take a comfy seat and enjoy the best of #HooperBloopers Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3!!!!

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Can I take my hoop on a plane?

Yes- you can carry them on! I brought 5 hoops, on the plane, on my flight from Detroit to Myrtle Beach.  Two of them were L.e.d. Hoops. I packed the batteries in my checked bag, and brought two batteries on my carry-on.


There was absolutely no problems or questions. Excluding the common question ‘Are those hula hoops?’ Yes, I got that question a lot. I almost sold a hoop to the Security Check Guard! She was so interested and had no cares about the fact that we were holding up the line as I showed them to her without my shoes on. The folks in the line behind me may have been a little irritated but I love telling people about hula hoops!

Back to the point, this is how you get your hoops on a plane with absolutely no hassle.


Screenshot_2016-03-22-19-07-51_201603221943388131.Coil them down and attach them to your bag.

2.Make them easy to unattach and reattach your bag for security check.

  1. Place them in the overhead storage on the plane.



You can also check your coiled down hoops, which will fit in your checked luggage. The downside of this option is that you won’t have your hoops by your side to keep you entertained while you wait for your flight.



If your hoops do not coil down, you may bag them up and check them. You will have to pay a fee for sporting equipment.


Never leave your hoops at home for fear that the airlines will not let you board your plane with them. I researched this online before my flight and found no scenarios where hoops have been any complication at all.


All Poly-pro hoops from Monarch Hoops And Dance come with a easy to use push button so you can simply coil them down and take your beautiful hoops everywhere like I do! We are proud to use the best quality materials, like durable poly-carb connectors and rivets so your hoop will never break under stress. Infact, we are so sure about this that we guarantee every connector that leaves our shop. Find your hoop at www.MonarchHoopsAndDance.com and make the world your stage.


Happy hooping and safe travels to you all!


Vertical Foot-Pass Back-Roll Combo


This foot pass into a back roll is one of my favorite tricky tricks. You can do it too! As you may know, I love using my feet while hooping. This trick gets our whole body moving and stretching from head to toe. Not to overlook, it looks and feels awesome! Try this trick out and tag me in your IG video @MonarchHoopsAndDance I truly adore your #HoopSpam or perhaps #hooperBloopers 😉

Monarch Hoops and Dance sells top quality hoops at www.MonarchHoopsAndDance.com

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Hoop-Smile-Succeed . Give this awesome trick a try and incorporate your whole body into your hooping!!

Monarch Hoops And Dance has artistic top quality hoops for beginners and professionals with personal advice on choosing the perfect hoop for you.

Shop Monarch Hoops And Dance hoops at:  http://www.monarchhoopsanddance.com/Hoops-s/100.htm

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Graceful Exits from Foot Hooping!

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By knowing these graceful exits, you CAN be awesome and put foot hooping in your performance! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! – and it is so easy.

This trick is the first gateway into learning many milestone circus tricks including the four hoop box. Give it a try! We can all be a Hoop Tree!

Featured Hoop Pretty in Pink, can be purchased here: http://www.monarchhoopsanddance.com/product-p/hoop_prettyinpink.htm

Monarch Hoops And Dance has artistic top quality hoops for beginners and professionals with personal advice on choosing the perfect hoop for you.


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Foot-Passes How To!!!!

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Incorporate your whole body in your hoop dance by using foot passes. This move will help you gain balance on one foot and also stretch the sides of your body. Learning to use our feet like hands make our hoop dance more interesting and us more coordinated performers. With a little bit of stretching, this trick is easy for any level of Hooper to learn.

This video features the thriller hoop


Watch the full  video at:


How do I get over performance fear?

Performance fear can be crippling.


Focus on your hoop, you are not alone up there. Let your hoop put on the show for you.


Try hooping in public, at school, at work, when you see you have an informal audience, aka passerby, whip out that big trick. One compliment two compliment three compliment four you will realize that you are awesome! Many people out there will be receptive to your art. Remember though, it is not for everyone.  C some people just won’t be interested. Not your fault.


Adrenaline is your extra power. It is there to help you make quick decisions fast reactions. When it seems like a time warp.it is to your advantage. Don’t be scared of the heavy heart beat an d racing pulse. It means your body is ready to go!


Lastly, when you cant seem to get out of your head, focus on what is around you. Notice the room, the people, whatever sticks out. This will pull you outside of your head and into the moment.


Get out there and do it
Performing with a hoop can help improve performance moral. Most audience will be so impressed with your hoop skill that after every performance is like a bit of stage fright medicine to help boost the confidence.


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Vertical Hooping Online Lesson!

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This lesson teaches vertical hooping for tips and technique for beginners and expands on tips for transitions, breaks and paddles, and recovery.


How to start vertical hooping, how to transition into vertical hooping from chest hooping, how to barrel roll, how to keep the hoop going, how to recover, how to add breaks and paddles.


Watch the entire lesson here:

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What type of hoops do circus performers use?




Hula Hoop acts are wonderfully fun, almost hypnotic at times with the sparkling twirling, rolling and throwing of the hoop drawing you in as you watch it spin around legs, arms, neck, and hips! Hula hooping is a performance art that requires a variety of skills. Circus performers can be part of an ensemble act, or an individual act. Either way they both require a mixture of circus skills, hula hoop and dance skills combining balance, poise and extreme coordination!


Hula hoops became a part of the circus in the 1960’s, Russian and Chinese acrobats were among the first circus performers to incorporate hula hoops into their acts. Tamara Simonenko from the soviet union was one of these first performers in the 1960’s. These groundbreaking performers inspired many artist to create acts involving hula hoops, and they still inspire performers to this day! A notable circus performer is Australian circus performer Judith Lanigan who performs “The Dying Swan – a tragedy with 30 hula hoops.” The Cirque du Soleil is a popular circus that has several shows and artists that feature hula hoops, including contortionist hoop acts! Today there are a variety of circus performers who incorporate hoops into their acts! Hooping has become extremely popular and can be used in a variety of ways during performance!



There are many choices in Hoops and Hoop design these days!! Most performers prefer to use hoops made out of a polyethylene tubing, and polypropylene. Circus performers prefer to have them weighted, which helps for tricks, spinning and overall performance. These hoops are often covered with a fabric or plastic tape, which comes in many colors and variations from basic to glittery, to color shifting metallics! They also will use glow-in-the-dark tape on hoops or L.E.D. hoops that are beautiful clear hoops filled with L.E.D. lights that will mesmerize you as the artist spins and twirls the lights during the performance! Last but not least we have fire hoops that some performers will use. These hoops have wicks on them that you lite on fire so you can amazingly spin a flaming hot hoop to wow the audience!


Daffodil Metallic Color Shifting hoop! Available Here:



Good Vibrations Holographic Hoop!! Available Here:




Fire Hoop Used in Performance.


Monarch Hoop and Dance’s very own L.E.D. Hoops used in performances!

Behind-the-Back Elbow Duck-In!! You Can Do It!


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This is one of my absolute favorite technical tricks! Not only is it a (Look Ma) No Hands(!) trick, it looks awesome whipping in and out of those duck-ins from behind the back.


Elbow Hooping : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaIJNwy_M44

Behind The Back Elbow Pass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCFasigoZYc


Hoop Star super grippy hoop featured in this video, available in 6 colors only at Monarch Hoops And Dance. http://www.monarchhoopsanddance.com/product-p/hoop_h-sgrip2.htm

( available in polypro and PE )


Did you nail this trick? Tag me in your video and I will like it and comment how awesome you are!

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